Journey beyond the shadows

A journey of the soul and the senses for those who, whether alone, as a couple, or as a small group are seeking inner balance, peace, self awareness, and wish to better their communication with others, and to experience those rare moments which, when they converge at the same time and place, can turn into moments of blissful happiness, imbuing life with meaning.

We therefore invite you to imagine the program as a 'cruise' in a 'stone boat', as the poet named the rock of Monemvasia.

Through this trip, everyone can gain the time they need to dedicate to themselves and the leisure and entertainment opportunities they usually lack throughout the year. Our target? Let's make us lighter than we started, more settled, more balanced and more dynamic, allowing the sea air to renew our mood and the sweet, relaxing atmosphere of the program to melt the sharp corners of our soul.

We are therefore making you an innovative proposal for alternative tourism in Greece (Peloponnesus), where you can combine travel, holidays and recreation with physical exercise, psychological support and personal development.




  • Soul Experience

    Soul Experience

    Soul experience or building the culture of the group The dynamic which is developed among a group of people promotes
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  • Body Experience

    Body Experience

    The feeling of serenity, inner peace, psychological uplifting, and freedom can be felt flowing everywhere like the water at the
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  • Whom does the Program address?

    Whom does the Program address?

    The Program addresses: Individuals Couples Small groups Who wish to combine mental and physical well-being with alternative tourism and, in
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  • Which are my goals?

    Which are my goals?

    Liberation from: Anxiety Stress Psychosomatic pain The feeling of impasse The feeling of empty and unlivable time Managing depressive emotions
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